Cabra Horco was called like this inspired by the most representative mountain where tours take place. The name comes from Quechua language.”Orco” means “hill”, and “cabra” means “goat”. This mountain is seen from every single spot. It is at 2800m above sea level.

Cabra Horco Expeditions was set up in 2002 by Nicolas Paz Posse, who has toured the mountains ever since he was a child. Many people who wanted to visit these places hired him as a guide Then, the idea of taking people to the hills encouraged him to found Cabra Horco Expeditions. Little by little he met the families living in the mountains, and learnt about the tourists´likes. Later, he got a degree in Business Administration, which was very useful for him to improve the organization of Cabra Horco.

For some time now, Cabra Horco has been showing the mountains in Tucumán to visitors from all over the world. A group of young but experienced people offering the best service and breathtaking adventure. Leandro Cruz, a young man from Anfama (one of the destinations) has been our guide since the beginning with all his knowledge about the places. This young, quiet and friendly pathfinder really knows how to decode the infinite paths in the hills.

Thanks to our hard working and supportive staff, Cabra Horco Expeditions was given an award by Lugares Magazine in the category “Guias y Pequeñas Empresas de Aventura” (Guides and Small Businesses in Adventure Tours) in 2008. We are very proud and pleased to have received such an award. Our staff make our tours unique, unforgettable.
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Raco - Tucumán - Argentina