The Argentinean Pre mountain and mountain range are inhabited by local settlers who were born and grew up in the hills; a different situation from people who live in the city. Going around paths that were, are and will be the means of communication to many people; that have been part of the history of a country is really moving and fascinating. It allows people to remove definitely from mental ties; all of us have to let our spirit fly looking for simple, authentic things. Some of them can be learned from those who have nature as their guide. People were born and live there and achieved to adapt modern times to their reality.

It is possible to get in contact with a different culture and to successfully enjoy nature crossing rivers, mountains and steams through narrow mules’ paths that are kept by local people. This fills your eyes of infinite landscapes, immensity and nature, going in deeply in the story of those people to better understand their lifestyle. Each stop is a different world and from there to the stride, enjoying a good horse, going slowly into the landscape until being part of it.
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Raco - Tucumán - Argentina