This reserve, situated at 2200 mts above sea level is a unique private enterprise in Tucumán. You may get there on foot, or take a 7-8 hour horse trek.

La Posada was built on the foundations of the old farmhouse and surrounding buildings. Materials from the area such as adobe, stones, straw, cane, alisos steak skins, slabs, etc were used. The building has got three bedrooms with private bathroom, and an area with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The local people, who used their construction techniques, participated in the building of this estate. The materials and the furniture were carried by mules and by the regional settlers. There is permanent water supply and electricity is provided by alternative energy sources.

The aim of the reserve is to keep the native woods and its fauna, protect the high valley, the natural ecosystem and its water resources, respect its culture and history, and generate models of sustainable and careful use of regional natural spaces.
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Raco - Tucumán - Argentina