This is the most emblematic place in the hills. Many ingredients make this place an attractive challenge for adventurers. First, because you may reach Chasquivil after an exciting 9-hour ride along steep slopes, plentiful rivers and muddy paths. Second because of its location: Chasquivil is located at the heart of all tracks so people go from there to any other destination in the mountains. Third, its center: this farmhouse has got an old and very picturesque “sala” (name given to the center of the farmhouse) which witnesses infinite adventures, “guitarreadas” (people singing and playing the guitar), and legends. Near the sala is Chaquivil River where you must go fishing trout during the siesta time. Secundino Rasguido, the foreman, and his family will be waiting for us in the farmhouse and surrounding buildings.
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Raco - Tucumán - Argentina